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Becoming Fully Human

As Carl Jung repeatedly declared, our goal is wholeness, not perfection. People living soulfully are not untroubled or unchallenged. They are not beyond experiencing times of confusion, mistakes, and tragedies. They have by no means healed all their wounds. They are simply on a path to wholeness, to becoming fully human- with all the inevitable defects and distresses inherent in any human story and with all the promise held by our uniquely human imagination.”
Bill Plotkin


Wake up to your true nature by discovering your Enneagram Type.  The Enneagram is a map of the soul, sourced from ancient wisdom and the best of depth psychology.  Visit 

Self Compassion

Tired of self-improvement plans that leave you feeling something is still missing?  Discover how self compassion brings out the best in you.  You are enough!

See the work of Sharon Salzberg or Kristin Neff.

Activating The Power of Your Heart

Are you feeling a bit stuck or cut off from yourself?  Been trying to adapt  to external standards and finding it soul deadening? Discover the keys to fully realizing your highest  inner potentials and make your greatest contribution.

Who am I?

Life Longer Learner, Seeker and Meditator

Although I have a degree in Social Work, most of my training has come from  many years of taking classes from some of the brightest luminaries out there, as well as struggling through the School of Hard Knocks.  I don't have all the answers, but I've asked a lot of  questions and it is my greatest joy to support others in doing the same.

My Background

In addition to raising 3 daughters and completing a 30-year social work career, I have been on a 40-year quest to discover my true soul nature, beyond the addictions and traumas that are too often a part of the human life. The search has taken me to the Riso-Hudson Institute in NY to train on the Enneagram, as well as into many deep dives on-line with various teachers, and also soulcraft excursions in nature with Bill Plotkin.

Who Are My Influences?

 Teachers and mentors who call us to wholeness, rather than perfection, are the ones I resonate with.   My favorites are Richard Rohr, Thomas Moore, Russ Hudson, Bill Plotkin, Craig Hamilton, Claire Zammit, Jeff Carreira, Richard Rudd  (Gene Keys), Rudolf Steiner, A.H. Almaas, and the ancient mystics.  I also practice the 12-Steps and daily meditation.


What do I do?

Individual Consultations

I am happy to have a conversation with you about what is emerging in your life, or discovering what is keeping you feeling stuck. I can also help you find your Enneagram type and meet with you for individual coaching sessions.



I work with a co-facilitor to offer groups in Self Compassion, Real Love, and Living from the Power of Your Heart.  The groups meet weekly for 90 minutes for about 6-10 weeks.  The sessions include a short teaching, journaling exercises, and group processing.

Workshops and Presentations

Along with a co-leader, I offer 6-hour workshops on Experiencing the Enneagram and Self Empowerment.  We also have shorter overview presentations on the Enneagram, Self Compassion, or Living from the Power of Your Heart to help you discover if a workshop is right for you.

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